Comments from Sean

With a whole three months since the Vic to Van paddle, it’s still hard to think back on all the work that was put into the event to make it the success that it was. This hard work was not only on behalf of myself, Dion and Liam on the day of the paddle, but the whole Vic to Van team comprised of sponsors, supporters, Rain City Central and the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation. It was more than just a one-day event, but a six-month journey of planning, organizing, training and fundraising.

The completion of this never-done-before 130 km paddle from Victoria to Vancouver in 16 hours and 47 minutes did not only test the physical and mental strength of Liam, Dion and myself, but it also helped to raise nearly $17,500 for the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation. The money raised was collected through both corporate sponsorship and generous personal pledges.

A list of sponsors, in addition to training blogs, photos, videos and more information on the paddle and paddlers can be found on the Rain City Central website.

Stay tuned for possible upcoming Rain City Central fundraisers and events!