2015 Ride for Clean Energy – August 8th, 2015

I am pleased to announce that preparations have started for the 3rd annual Ride for Clean Energy, benefiting the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation. This year’s Ride will be taking place Saturday August 8th. The course is the same as last year’s – starting in Harrison Mills and ending in Maple Ridge.

Like last year, we will also be offering a shorter ride for those who do not think think they will be able to complete the full ride. This year; however, those choosing to participate in the short course will now be starting with the rest of the riders.

The registration fee to participate in the ride is $50. This will get you a spot in the ride, a ticket to the after party, and past riders will get a new 2015 Ride for Clean Energy cycling cap. First time riders will get a Ride for Clean Energy jersey, and for any extra $20 a cycling cap as well.

Each rider will be responsible for fundraising $250, all of which will be donated to the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation. For more information about the foundation, please visit www.tylerlewis.ca

If you chose to register, we will also provide you with information packages and other resources to help make fundraising as easy as possible for you.

All of us at the foundation really appreciate your support and hope you will all be able to join us this year for the ride. Last year’s ride was such an amazing experience and we hope you can all experience that with us again this year.

If you would like more information or would like to register, please email rideforcleanenergy@gmail.com

You can also find information at our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rideforcleanenergy