Dr. Michael Groves

Grant Advisor - PH.D.

Michael Groves is an Assistant Professor in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the California State University Fullerton.  He holds a PhD (2012) in Chemical and Material Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, an MSc in Physics (2007) from Queen’s University, and a BSc in Physics (2004) from the University of British Columbia.  He is a member of the American Chemical Society.

His research program focuses on computationally simulating chemical reactions on surfaces as well as developing the tools necessary to model these surfaces.  Some of his current projects include quantifying the role of chirality in hydrogen carrying fuels for fuel cell applications, and the role of physical hole defects in functionalised 2D carbon and boron materials to catalyze electrochemical reactions such as hydrogen peroxide synthesis.  He had the privilege of meeting Tyler at Queen’s University.  Having benefited from several awards himself during his own education, Michael is honoured to now help support sustainable research in Tyler’s name.