Emily Pledge

Member at Large

Emily and Tyler became friends during high school in Maple Ridge. They bonded over music, athletics, nature, humour and often spent time together at Harrison Lake, star gazing and swimming.

Following graduation Emily moved to Vancouver where she earned a Diploma in Professional Photo Imaging. She is a Professional Photographer and published artist who has been working in the photo industry for over 13 years.

Growing up in a rural area and now living in a large urban centre has given Emily an appreciation for how sustainable clean energy can benefit and be integrated into various types of communities regardless of size or structure.

She shares Tyler’s vision to leave this planet in a better position for future generations, especially for her nephews who she hopes can enjoy the same abundant outdoor life she has been so lucky to.

When she’s not behind the camera, you can find her close to water, exploring the woods, pushing her cat off her desk and expanding her zero waste habits.