The 24 Hour Ride for Clean Energy Fundraising Totals

With the legacy of the Ride for Clean Energy not far behind us, Foundation members Eric Rush, Carl McBeath and Sean McBeath decided to take on a 24-hour riding challenge to raise money for the Foundation, in lieu of the Ride this summer. On August 12-13, they raced against the clock in a relay format, each tackling one hour at a time, from 8 AM to 8 AM, in an attempt to get as many kilometers under their belt as possible.

Supporters pledged to donate based on the total kilometers ridden (e.g., $/km) over the 24 hr period. An outpouring of support was felt, which motivated the boys to pedal extra hard. Much to the pain of Eric, Carl and Sean’s legs, the expected total kilometers (700 km) was greatly exceeded, with a grand total of 802.6 km rode!

Based on the pledges made prior to the ride, the grant total raised was…


Eric, Carl and Sean, as well as everyone at the Tyler Lewis Clean Energy Research Foundation would like to thank everyone supported and donated to the 24 Hour Ride for Clean Energy. The money raised is nearly enough to fund one whole grant, which helps a graduate student pursue important and innovative research in the area of clean energy.

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